Aid to India - "Natpu Indienhilfe e.V."

A trip to India as part of a cultural exchange project led to to the creation of the association Natpu Indienhilfe e.V.

The unimaginable results of the tsunami disaster in 2004 have produced an enormous willingness to help in the world. In the Saarland the plight of people this region led to immediate support and assistance.

Together with the District Administrator of the Saarpfalz-Kreis, Clemens Lindemann, the Ministry and the company Natural Kellenberger presented five Saarland schools - the Comprehensive school Bexbach, the advanced secondary schools Kirkel / Limbach, Mandelbachtal and Homburg and the Robert-Schumann-Gymnasium Saarlouis - with the project " schools help schools ": there was a tsunami-destroyed school for girls in Kalapet-Pondicherry in southern India that had to be rebuild to give 800 girls back the opportunity to learn and exercise their right for education.

Particularly important was the personal contact with all parties concerned by this project. Thus, in 2008, 20 Indian girls who had lost family members during the disaster were invited to the Saarland, under an exchange program.

Last November, the Saarland participants could see for themselves the use of their donations. During these visits, they developed intense friendships and sponsorships.

The experiences of this trip to India- the encounter with the different culture and philosophy of life, the enthusiasm of the girls, musical performances and the warm hospitality shown - showed the participants that there were many possibilites for mutual learning.

Last but not least a visit to the street children was enough to not only continue the aid but to intensify it. The idea of creating an association in order to initiate more projects  was born.

A 16-member team - pupils, students, a teacher, a doctor, a programmer, a kindergarten director, homemakers and administrative staff - came together to form a nonprofit association.

On 15/01/2010 it was finally done: The Association Natpu Indienhilfe e.V. has set its targets especially in the area of youth welfare, the promotion of art and culture - in particular the exchange with the Indian culture - and international understanding. Thehe pupils of the "Government Girls High School" in Pondicherry / Kalapet (India) will be supported, as well as the initiative Sevia Kiruba Trust which aims to promote better educational opportunities for street children. The aim is the development of sponsorships provided, conducting fundraising and organising charity events.

Even if the tsunami disaster and its consequences are no longer constantly present in the public eye, offers of help and requests already show great interest in the work of the association to help the people in India.

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